March 11, 2020

An unplanned Paris proposal photoshoot

After a day of touring the beautiful sights of Paris, the last item of the day was to head to the Eiffel Tower.

Karen and Kaylin were taking photos when they began a casual conversation with a young couple from South Africa. They chatted for awhile and then went on their way. About 20 minutes later, the couple sought them out, and Armandt asked if they would mind taking a few photos. As they were walking to a location, he discreetly showed Karen an engagement ring.  

With that, she helped him choose a perfect location, he handed her a video camera and Kaylin (now updated that this was no ordinary photo) was ready to photograph with the DSLR. Just like that a full photoshoot was suddenly underway. Bride-to-be, Caylin, had no idea what was happening when Armandt got down on one knee, and asked her to marry him. She said YES.

It was a beautiful moment and new friendships were made. We wish Armandt and Caylin the very best as they spend their life together!

Some of the best moments in life are those we seize and capture!

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