Before you cancel, go digital

March 12, 2020

Let’s keep our economy alive.

The situation is changing every hour. Organizations all over the world are making unprecedented decisions for the good of themselves and humanity. For this, we at Iconium Media are grateful. 

Meanwhile, amidst all the uncertainty, our economy is taking a hit and fear is growing. But modern technologies have made it easier than ever to keep calm and carry on, while at the same time remaining cautious.

Let’s stand together, protect ourselves, and continue to move forward. Working together, we can ensure we emerge from this predicament stronger than ever before. 

The following are some guidelines that your business can institute to minimize the risk your team is exposed to.

Stay Aware

  • Watch the updates in your region and government.

Keep Sanitized

  • Clean commonly-used surfaces, such as handrails, coffee machines, door knobs, and remotes.
  • Sanitize your hands before and after any meetings.
  • Embrace social distancing. It’s okay to NOT shake hands and stand a few feet apart.

Go Digital

  • Determine a working-from-home plan with your team and clients.
  • Create a strategy should someone on your team fall ill.
  • Instead of cancelling events and meetings, plan a digital alternative.
  • Utilize technology to host webinars and online events. 
  • Pre-film a speaker, share the video, and engage in an open discussion. 

Be alert, but not afraid. Let's do what we can to keep our economy and businesses growing.

These are challenging times, and uncharted territory for many of us. But one of the positives of our era is the fact that we have such great technology that enables us to keep business progressing, even in the face of such widespread destabilization. 

If we can help people find the same normalcy that we find in doing something purposeful, then we’ll know we are making a difference. What better kind of encouragement could there be?

Let’s not give up as we fight this virus. If we can help, please contact us