March 11, 2020

Bluetrain: a success story

The "You Can" campaign inspires entrepreneurs to start their business in Strathcona County.  Iconium Media was hired by the Tourism and Development department to capture the story of several local businesses which started, and found success in Strathcona County.

Iconium Media filmed the stories of a fashion-inspired Chocolatier, Jacek Chocolate Couture, a ground-breaking vertical farming startup, Nutraponics Canada, and one of the largest companies in the world, Shell.

Our latest business story was Bluetrain: a local company committed to providing outstanding digital strategy to it's clients. Bluetrain was a strong business, with a driven leader who helped drive it's success.

Early in pre-production, we collaborated with the Bluetrain team to determine where else we could try and pull out this visually / emotionally engaging piece of the film.

Bluetrain strongly values balance, and teamwork so they incorporate many social events into their schedule. We were able to share this aspect of team, along with their business success story.

Vertical video

Upon completion of the original, full-length promotional video, a second version of the film was modified to be used across social media platforms, in order to promote the film / campaign. This version was created as a "vertical video" to be used within Instagram Stories and a users Facebook feed. Research shows that Vertical Video is the future of mobile video. The main reasons for this development are that mobile devices are naturally oriented to the "portrait" landscape, making vertical video already perfectly aligned to this medium.

"Smartphone users hold their phones vertically about 94 percent of the time."

(Source: MOVR Mobile Overview Report)

As well, as the fact that "portrait / vertical" content physically takes up more space on a users screen when scrolling their their feed. Therefore, there is a higher chance of them seeing the content, and actually interacting with it. Additionally, Instagram stories are currently one of the hottest trends, where the majority of people are actively engaged.

200M Daily Active Users (

Lastly, we also incorporated motion graphic titles into the social media version of this video in order to help create engagement on platforms where videos naturally play with "sound-off". By adding these titles users are able to see what is being said in the video, even without sound, allowing them to still understand and engage with the video if they chose.

The launch

Strathcona County Tourism and development, along with Bluetrain Inc., were both very impressed with the video and how the story was told. The video is now being featured around the community.

We had a pleasure working on this project and look forward to telling other success stories in the future!

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