March 11, 2020

Build a leadership team that works

" By 2020 there will be five generations in the workplace at once" - Karen Willyerd

"By 2020 there will be five generations in the workplace at once" - Karen Willyerd

Critical leadership competencies

There has been a dramatic shift in leadership competencies over the past few years.  People need to collaborate, be relational, technologically adept and attuned to diversity and to culture.

Karie Willyerd states, but the biggest change the 2020 workplace will present is the most age-diverse workplace: by 2020 there will be five generations in the workplace at once. From Traditionalists born prior to 1946, to members of Generation 2020, who will begin entering the workplace in 2015, leaders will be charged with meeting the wide range of expectations held by each generation.”[1]    Willyerd goes on to express five key skills needed for 2020 leaders.  They are:  collaborative mindset, team development, tech savvy, globally focused and culturally attuned, and future facing.  Each of these competencies are of great value to me personally and to our company.  Leaders who are engaged and high performing will help a company become successful and transformational.

Source leaders and align leadership talent

Prior to sourcing leaders, one needs to be clear what they are looking for.  Once you’ve hired the right talent, it’s important to maximize their efforts.

Goal alignment

There needs to be a goal alignment where leaders understand and embrace the company’s goals, they align their responsibilities with these goals and strengthen their accountability by measuring the accomplishment of those goals.

Strategic talent management plan

It’s important to be "proactive" versus "reactive".  It’s important to follow a clear plan in order to recruit and work with engaged, high performing employees

  1. Fill critical talent management needs
  2. Address company and industry changes promptly
  3. Identify essential skills to be developed in all employees
  4. Minimize training costs by focusing on key development areas[1]

Choosing and building a team

It's important to build a team that aligns with the goals and direction of your company.  These are some of the key items to consider

  1. Identify high-quality candidates using job descriptions based upon your requirements.
  2. Hire people who are high performing and hold uniquely valued company or industry competencies.
  3. Employees need to agree with your values and fit into their distinct culture.

Creative companies, in particular, need to hire a careful balance of creative and non-creative. It’s important to have structure amidst the creative and innovative culture, but too little or too much of either can seriously impact success.

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