March 2, 2020

Communicate as a listener

Internet usage has shifted dramatically. Initially the Internet was primarily an information-driven experience. People went online to find answers to specific questions. Today, the Internet is a relational experience.

Users want to participate, they want to belong. In addition to getting information they want to be heard. Knowledge is no longer enough. Previously users were content to just sit back and read. Now they want to actively participate through relational and user-driven content. It’s time to create “Responsive content”

What is Responsive Content?

“Responsive content” opens a door to relationship.  It starts a conversation.

  1. Create content that generates a buzz and reverberates throughout social media.
  2. Think of social media as an ongoing conversation - post conversation starters to spur engagement.
  3. Include thoughtful questions and give an opportunity for a response
  4. Shorter and punchier is best
  5. Pays close attention to the audience and their “tribes” (Seth Godin refers to a tribe a s a group of people connected to one another, a leader or an idea.)  You want tribes to engage with and push your content.
  6. Use multiple methods of delivery such as text, video, audio, and SMS. Interlink the delivery methods with one another. Provide many choices and keep the communications short.
  7. Always tell a story – stories are powerful, but use them well.

Most who are doing digital strategy jump to ‘create new content’ – new videos, websites, articles, tools.  We assume that if we make great content, people will somehow see it. Unfortunately this is untrue – 48 hours of video are uploaded every minute. Thousands of articles are written each day. Most churches and groups spend vast budgets creating content that no-one ever sees.

Let’s use posts and content that are so compelling, our audiences will push it to their “tribes”. The day of people coming to a website is long behind us. Think of your website as an elegant library where you store and push your content out from. There is no allegiance by any audience to you. People care about the things they care about.  Make it easy for them to engage!

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