March 11, 2020

Creating art at the end of the world

On the first hot sunny day of the season, with temperatures of 29C, the Iconium Media film crew ventured around Edmonton to film Soap Box Duo's music video which will appear in RSVP Ministries upcoming film series, Voice. The series is designed to encourage people to come alongside one another and to give a voice to those who are silent. This three part series tells the story of Alexander and Jenesa's journey.  

RSVP Ministries creates small group curriculum that features film. Check out their website, where you can order and purchase one of their previously completed series.

Iconium Media is thankful for the opportunity to partner with clients who use powerful storytelling to help make a profound difference in people's lives.  

The Soap Box Duo, Alexander and Jenesa.

Music video:  Shades of Blue. 2017.

Music video: Shades of Blue. 2017.

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