November 24, 2022

4 approaches to set design

Our studio is a blank canvas, able to transform into any set or backdrop that represents our clients’ visions. From the realistic to the abstract, here is a look at four of our favourite approaches to set design from recent years. 

Create a relatable space

If we want to immerse viewers into a story, our goal is to place the speakers in an environment that looks familiar—one that reflects reality. 

Oftentimes we want to create context with the set that explains what the speaker is talking about, and capture the feeling of their message. Small details within the set—thematic decor, ambient lighting—play a big role in creating that look.

Go abstract

In order to manifest an abstract idea, we need to go somewhere truly imaginative and turn the emotion into concrete. The set you see above was built for a series on discovering what you were born to do. 

To represent that idea, we built a space that felt detached from reality, as if it were inside your mind. The items on the wall, each representing a potential passion to pursue, make up a happy palette of possibilities! 

Keep it simple

There's something powerful about minimalism. Simplicity can be loud. In these examples, we wanted to direct all attention to a subject: someone telling their personal story, the vibrant simplicity of a gift giving app, the symbolism of an orange paper airplane

When you strip a set back with the philosophy of “less is more,” you allow the ideas to take centre stage.

Have fun!

Every project requires you to have fun, to use your creativity and imagination. Sometimes you can let loose with out-of-the-box ideas, and other times you need to keep things simple—but simple doesn't have to mean boring. Don’t let yourself feel uninspired. When a set works, you’ll feel it. When you’re having fun, it will come through in your design. Your audience will appreciate stepping into that space with you.

The purpose of a good set

Before any set is designed, we look at the story we need to tell. An effective set amplifies the message, speaking as loud as the actors. 

At Iconium, we’ve created a space to dream and build in, and more importantly, to tell great stories. Get in touch today, and we can help tell yours, too.

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