March 11, 2020

Problems with neighbours?

Hello Neighbour

Life with neighbours can get… interesting.

Have you ever had an annoyance, disagreement or bad experience with one of your neighbours? You’re probably not alone. Sadly, these issues, whether big or small cause tension in our neighbourhoods and often go unresolved.

Well, if you live in Strathcona County, there is a solution! Pick up your phone and call Strathcona County Community Mediation. If you’d like to know more about them, visit their website or join them for a community barbecue on September 21st. More information can be found here.

We worked with SCCM to create an ad campaign for their services and upcoming event called Hello Neighbour. Our goal was to highlight common conflicts that cause tension between neighbours and offer a solution for them to be resolved. In real life, some of these conflicts are quite humorous, while others are very serious. Because our end goal is for resolution we decided to take a light hearted approach to this ad.

One of our favourites parts of any production is having the chance to work with amazing local talent - especially when one of those actors is a dog!

“Living together in a community can be challenging. Not all people experience events in the same way and when you find you are in conflict – there is help.”

Learn more about Strathcona County Community Mediation

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