January 3, 2023

Iconium 2022 in review

2022 was a year of substantial growth for our clients, our company, and our team. We are grateful to have on-boarded 21 unique new clients alongside the total of 105 clients we had the privilege of partnering with.  

On the road again

These clients have been spread across the continent as well, and we’ve been lucky to bring our expertise to them. We explored Alberta, trailed the interior of British Columbia as well as Vancouver and Whistler, and also made it down south to Florida and Texas. 

New look, same quality

One of the highlights of 2022 was putting a new focus on team collaboration. We explored new ways of working together and put those practices in action with our new rebranding.

Collaborating in new ways

We couldn’t have accomplished what we did this year without our team of 18 (plus contractors and consultants) that put in over 30,000 hours over the course of the last twelve months. Thank you to our families, friends, and all of you for standing by us and supporting us. We will forever appreciate you! Here are some breakdowns of what our teams accomplished this year:

Film and photography

Film and photography drives a large part of our visual marketing. Creating personalized imagery for clients is essential to captivating audiences and making an impact. Between utilizing our studio space, clients’ properties, and finding unique areas in the different cities we worked in, we were able to capture an enormous variety of visual content. 

We completed over 100 photoshoots, and—as video is becoming the preferred content format—filmed over 310 projects. In addition, we created over 80 animations that brought logos, video series, and other projects to life. All of this new content takes up over 100 terabytes of storage space (that’s more than 100,000 gigabytes)! This year we also launched our Iconium Media Actors Hub group on Facebook, and had the pleasure of working closely with many talented local actors and models.

Design, web, and social advertising

With 105 active clients, the need for design, web, and social advertising skyrocketed. We completed 12 new websites—including a network site that is 28 microsites in one—and are in the process of designing and coding others. We also took on the SEO and content management for several clients, and have seen appreciable results in Google rankings as a result. 

We consulted, guided, and managed over 50 social media accounts, including Instagram, Facebook, Tik Tok, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, and Linkedin, and several ad platforms as well. One client in particular If you’ve been on any of those this past year, you’ll know how much the algorithm is constantly changing. Navigating those changes was one of our biggest challenges, but kept us on our toes! 

Over 150 newspaper ads passed over our designers’ desks, as well as hundreds of social media ads. We also completed the process of creating branding packages for multiple organizations, including logo design and colour palette selection. We’re currently in the process of working on several large design and branding projects that we can’t wait to share with you in the new year!


We are very grateful for the support we have received through this whirlwind of a year, and we can happily say that we are ending 2022 filled with joy, the best team we’ve ever had, and of course the greatest clients. We can’t wait to see what 2023 brings!

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