"Moving Mountains" featured on a world stage

May 16, 2019

In Moving Mountains, Mariz Doss shares her story of overcoming marginalization through sports and fitness, believing if you give women a chance to succeed, they will.

The film was presented on April 11, 2019 by Doss, a keynote speaker who opened her talk with this film at the Leadership Forum at the George Bush Presidential Center. It.was seen by Henry Kissinger, Bill & Melinda Gates and George Bush, to name a few!

Iconium had been asked by Empowered Media, (a global media network based in Los Angeles). to tell the story of Mariz Doss, a woman in Cairo, Egypt. Mariz has contributed to breaking the cultural barrier for women in her culture to run outdoors and climb mountains. In the film, Moving Mountains, we worked with Mariz, who lives in Cairo, Egypt over Skype; and with Empowered Media who are based in Los Angeles. The film was submitted to Dare to Overcome competition, where we were a runner up.  

This film is scheduled to be featured at several upcoming events and media networks.

Empowered Media’s Social Media post on April 11: “Thrilled to see that our short film, Moving Mountains, produced with our dear friends Mariz Moheb Doss and Karen Schenk was showcased at the Bush Institute today. It’s a packed house, including Secretary of State Henry Kissinger and Bill and Melinda Gates. The film is a direct outcome of our Dare to Overcome film competition. www.empowerwome.media

Mariz presenting at the Leadership Forum, after showing the film, Moving Mountains