Iconium goes to Greece

September 18, 2019

We’re always excited when we get the chance to create media for clients internationally. This September, our director of marketing had the opportunity to travel to Greece and attend a conference being held by one of those clients.  The goal of this trip was to witness firsthand the work they do in order for us to understand their needs and how we can better market them.  

Bold Moves Conference

The Bold Moves Conference is a gathering of church leaders from all over the world to encourage and inspire growth in the kingdom of God.  It was amazing being a part of such a wide movement of Christian leaders, creators and influencers. Our world is so diverse and it’s always an eye opening experience to see how different life can look around the globe. It’s quite beautiful to think that in each unique culture and environment, despite differences, we can all still gather together as one unified church.

The biggest take away from this trip: it’s all about relationships.  

Relationships are so crucially important in ministry and media. Whether it’s connecting with a client or an audience - relationship plays a huge factor in creating media that results in transformed lives.

"Our organization has been working with Iconium for many years now. They have been a tremendous partner in helping us develop targeted strategies and meaningful content so to accomplish our mission.”
Global Church Movements

Restructuring for Multiplication

As part of this conference, our film team was involved in an animation project that explores the restructuring and growth within the Jesus movement.

Over the course of two months our animators took this concept from a white board diagram to a 10 minute 3D animated epic.

You can watch the full 10 minute video below.