December 9, 2020

"LeaderImpact Venture” Series dailies

Iconium Media and LeaderImpact continue to collaborate on the "Venture” series.

For this series about how to be intentional in the workplace and build relationships, we filmed dramatized stories in which we see leaders living out the teaching in their lives.

As our main character interacts with his peers and the world around him, we establish his background and career path and show him making a difference in his community.

On our first day of filming in October, the actors connected with one another and with our production team, and we captured some excellent footage. Watch them in our dailies reel above.

“Venture” centres around intentional relationships. As we continue production, we’ll see leaders from all walks of life mentor others, lead them into better versions of themselves, and discover what it means to make an impact in this life. Watch the trailer below!

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