March 11, 2020

Our year in review: 2019

It’s that time again. The end of another year. Iconium went through a lot of growth and change in 2019 from new additions on our team to expanding our studio space. We got to try new things, play, explore, strengthen our connections and even travel around the world with different clients.

To celebrate the end of an amazing year, here are some of our highlights.  

Our favourite videos

Our film team created over 100 different videos this year! So it’s a little hard to just pick six. From music videos to documentary story telling, here are some films that offer a diverse look into what we do.

Mud Sweat and Gears - Strathcona County

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Gold Mind - The Melisizwe Brothers

The Call Reading - Rise in Strength

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Moving Mountains

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Men of Influence Book Trailer - Bill Hendricks

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CNG Containers Promo 2019

Our favourite designs

Our marketing team took on a lot of unique projects this year, including social media marketing, brochures, logos, web design, large scale signage, and much more.

To showcase a little of what our marketing team does, here are some print outs we created that we really enjoyed making.

Our team

During this past year, we have expanded our team. We are so thankful for the organizational and creative talent at Iconium Media! We are positioned to take on significant growth and truly are executing one of our values where we DO THE THINGS WE LOVE WITH THE PEOPLE WE LIKE! This creates synergy and energy making us a powerful and awesome team.

Looking forward

With this year coming to an end we are looking forward to the work we’ll be doing in 2020 and what the next decade has to bring.

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