Quality of Place

June 19, 2019

The vision for Quality of Place was conceptualized August 23, 2017 and can now be seen at the Sherwood Park Cineplex theatre before each show. The film captures Strathcona County through artistic snapshots that were filmed during a yearlong process.

Social Media Edits

Along with the full length video, we created several social media edits to be shared on Facebook and Instagram – which highlight unique aspects of Strathcona County.

In early October of 2017 we put together the initial shot list. The shot list included scene numbers, locations, and camera motion – though, due to the scale of the project we included as much detail as possible, so that nothing was missed during the many months of filming throughout the year.

  • Scene #
  • Location
  • Season
  • Beg/Mid/End
  • Shot Description
  • Storyboard
  • Notes
  • Camera Motion
  • Direction

A portion of the extensive shot list that was used to plan out the shoot.


We filmed 16 separate scenes over the course of 11 months. Planning and coordinating each scene was exciting, especially when it came to filming and capturing what was visualized in the pre-production process.

Production began on November 23, 2017 at Cafe Haven and ended on October 20th at 11pm in an undisclosed Farmers Field.



-217 video elements

-170 audio elements

-Total of 408 unique elements in the timeline

A screen capture of the Final Cut Pro X timeline of the project, including sound design.

We could not have done this video alone,
many contributed to make this video possible

Quality of Place talent:

Austin Capcara - Runner

Melissa Doberstein - Dancer

Zachary Walters, Jett Walters, Bretton Theune, Seth Odeson, Randall Zabel, Jordan Watt - Hockey players

Denver Capcara - Snowshoe, Snow Valley

Eric Martin - Snowboarder

Angelo Milonas - Pilot

Cassandra Cowick, Marley Cleaver, Sarah Edith & family - Sherwood Park Mall

George & Vicky Milonas - Vickys Bistro Winebar

April Kerr - Elk Island

Francis Poole - Horse rider, Rural Strathcona County

Family - Woodbridge

Effie & Nevah Milonas - Parade, Community Center

Jensen Stewart - Café Haven

Cam, Karen Schenk, Archie Dionisio - Vickys Bistro Winebar

Kaylin Schenk, Jared & Abigail Sanchez - Branches

Marisa Lehmann – Singer, Festival Place


Vickys Bistro Winebar

Millennium Place

Cafe Haven

Woodbridge Farms

Festival Place

Sherwood Park Mall

Elk Island

Snow Valley

Ardrossan Rec Center

Heritage Wetlands Park

*Note, not all names or locations are mentioned.