Raise your flag

November 15, 2019

“We gathered from diverse backgrounds, recognizing the changing context in which we find ourselves.”


Last June, we were honoured to attend the Rise in Strength conference in Amsterdam. Sixty four women leaders from around the globe gathered to celebrate the gifting, service and leadership of women in the church. They spoke boldly about issues and challenges women face today, and constructed a call for the church to grow and embrace all God’s people to fulfill the purposes they were designed for.

At the Rise in Strength conference, we filmed a diverse group of women take turns reading this call.

As media creators, we strive to build powerful stories and visuals that impact the lives of our viewers. With this project we had great narration, but found our interview footage too static. We needed something bigger. A visual that could inspire, empower, and give feet to the message.

So we started brainstorming ideas and came up with something we had never done as a team before. An abstract multi-scene one take.

That meant shooting a scene without cutting while moving our camera into multiple angles… and then doing that exact same thing six times.

To accomplish this, we spent a lot of time planning choreography, timing, locations, camera movement. etc. Since every scene was designed to match-cut with one another we also developed an auditory click track with verbal cues for our camera and actresses that gave directions on where to go and when.

One of the great joys of filmmaking is dreaming up an idea and seeing it come together on screen. We definitely learned a lot through this process and are excited to have this video shown around the world. We are also incredibly thankful for the women who gave their time to be in this film.