March 11, 2020

Snapchat. A place to build your business.

If you are around today's youth, invariably someone will contort their face, open their mouth and take a photo of themselves. It's what they do. Everyday millions of selfies flood social media. They show up every minute of the day.

When they are not taking photos of themselves, they are probably taking photos or videotaping you! Really! You may have an interesting outfit on, a funny look on your face, maybe you look great, or perhaps you are just there.  Regardless, someone thinks someone cares and you get to be videotaped and featured on a Story in someone's Snapchat feed.  Privacy is a myth. Signing waivers? No one does that in the social media world.  It's open game, amateur photography.

Followings are built and tribes are being created. The photo is up only for a few second, but every post adds to the story.  To many of us, the whole process seems futile, but don't ignore it. It's influencing culture.  As people become Snapchat stars, they earn upwards to $100,000 a week! Clearly, there is money to be made, but because we don't care to understand, opportunities are being missed.

Many organizations, when asked, state that their target audience are 18 - 24 years old, however, when you look at the data, their audience is often much older. Are they meeting the younger generation where they are at?  A staggering 71% of snapchat users are under 25 years old and the organizations are missing an opportunity to engage. Only 9% of US charities and non-profits use snapchat.  

Do you have something to sell? If so, college students are wanting to buy!

You may be way out of your comfort zone or area of interest, but if you truly want to connect with and engage with today's youth, then you have a simple next step to take.

GO WHERE THEY ARE! By tomorrow, they may have moved on, so thinking and strategizing about it may result in a missed opportunity.

They are waiting. They've probably already taken your picture and added you to their story, so now, it's your turn to engage.

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