March 11, 2020

Elicit a response

Use less content – more relationship

Have you ever responded to something that was so compelling, you couldn’t help yourself?

If we create posts and content that people can’t help but engage with, this will lead to tremendous ministry opportunities and open the door for us to come alongside people, encouraging, resourcing and equipping them.

You will create more relationship when:  

  1. Create content that begs a response – make it clear you are starting a conversation
  2. Write for individuals – humanize your posts and content.  Have someone in mind and consider yourself in a conversation.
  3. Be authentic – the more human and real you come across, the more likely people will be to respond to you.
  4. Share stories of others you have related with.
  5. Provide a variety of engagement opportunities.  

Make it easy for people to reply – have your content say “talk to me” with many opportunities for that response

  1. Comment capability
  2. Ask for feedback or reply
  3. Ask for prayer requests
  4. Connect these responses to mentoring.
  5. The more immediately you reply, the more likely you are to start a conversation.
  6. Create a safe environment.  Moderating your comments can help communicate that.

When we stop being broadcasters – we now have the ability to listen.   In our culture, people may already know so much that is going on in their friends lives.  With the information about their friends activities and relationships, they are now in a position to have deep and meaningful conversations.  They already know what matters to their friends.  All they have to do now is actively listen.

You can learn to engage people like never before if you attempt to elicit a response through your communication and share the message that really matters.

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