November 30, 2021

Top 3 tips for captivating design

When creating a brand, promotional material, or even the grid layout for social media posts, it can be hard to pull all of one’s ideas together to design something captivating. At Iconium, we work with a variety of clients from many different industries to help them stand out amongst the rest. Along the way, our design team has learned some essential tips that are key not only to successful marketing, but to showcasing the whole of your brand.

Top three design tips


If possible, stick to one or two typefaces in a design. Using too many can be distracting and take away from an overall feeling of unity. Take the logo we designed for Bakke Graduate University for example:

BGU typeface

Colour wheel

Consult a colour wheel to find which colours complement one another best. Colour plays a key role when it comes to attracting an audience. Too many colours or mismatched colours can be distracting and even deter from calls to action.

Note: Colours straight across from one another are complementary. Read more about the Color Wheel here.

Colour wheel

Space to breathe

Give elements of a design space to breathe. Designing with too many can make your products feel cluttered and messy. Use photos, logos, and other brand elements with purpose.

Aster Gardens welcome pamphlet

How our design team can help

Our communications department is ready to free your valuable time and help your business run smoothly. Bring your ideas, vision, and brand to life through innovative design and custom lifestyle photography.

Our focus is to accelerate our clients’ missions and enhance their brands and visual impacts through a holistic approach as we create cutting-edge design products. Our unique communications solutions help every client stand out and accelerate their mission.

Learn more about our services here or contact us today at 780-449-9417.

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