Our story

Humble beginnings

Iconium Media and its team focuses on exceeding our clients’ expectations, and has since its onset. This resulted in steady growth towards becoming a full-service agency. It’s been beautiful serving as an accelerant to the mission of our clients, bringing beauty and results through their projects.

Iconium Strategies began as a partnership with a foundation on March 31, 2015. While the charity is still in place, and much work takes place through it, Iconium Media, the company was incorporated on July 30, 2015. When Iconium Strategies was asked to create a film series complete with a website, it became clear that a business would need to be incorporated. This would enable the hiring of a creative team which could work internationally. 

In 2015, Iconium Media was incorporated, initially working out of a garage with a small team of part time staff. Owner & Founder, Karen Schenk had determined to “create and facilitate media, resulting in transformed lives.” Iconium immediately began to attract meaningful projects, requiring a growing team of creative staff.  We are deeply thankful for each staff person that has contributed during their season to helping the company become what it is today. 

Three years in the garage enabled acquisition of capital resources to support a flourishing film department and advertising agency.

The start-up grows up

It was becoming highly evident that we had outgrown the space, and in August 2019, we moved into a second floor 1,000 sq foot space, where we became quite crowded, and acquired the lower level, doubling our square footage.
The COVID-19 pandemic brought with it a tremendous need for Iconium Media to serve as the communications and media outlet for many companies. We are grateful for the incredible clients who partnered with us, and journeyed with us to achieve significant growth at a time many businesses like ours were reducing their size. It was evident a significant growth step was needed.
Iconium's front seating areaKaren's officeLarge desk with multiple chairs and monitorsStudio and cyc wallIconium's studio and cyc wallIconium's green room
In September 2021, we hired our first senior executive, Greg Ramsden, and moved into our current office space on the same day. The offices supported growth and included a dedicated studio and space for our team. Our clients are first and foremost. We are energized by seeking solutions to their challenges. It keeps us thinking big, pursuing excellence and seeing our clients win!

Iconium Strategies gives back

Iconium Strategies is a division of Iconium Strategies Inc., serving as our philanthropic division which has operated alongside Iconium Media from the beginning. We assist humanitarian projects and organizations to build sustainable communities, work in educating the marginalized, and furthering projects that truly make a difference.

Our ethos of giving back and having a positive impact on society runs through all of Iconium’s work, but having a separate structure to serve the unique needs of our non-profit clients allows us to do this even more efficiently.
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