Account Coordinator
Account Coordinator

Bernice Vandervalk specializes in project management, coordinating a wide variety of marketing requests and avenues on behalf of a large Iconium Media client. Devoting the majority of her time to one client’s diverse range of marketing needs, Bernice ensures that briefs are met, KPIs considered, and her client feels above all well advocated for.

Bernice’s approach to project management and client advocacy is a central part of our as-in-house marketing offering. Her constant availability and thorough understanding of a client’s needs is inspirational to our entire client-facing team, ensuring we all keep our clients’ needs at the forefront of our efforts. She has extensive experience having previously co-owned a construction company. 

Outside of work, Bernice has garnered project management experience through renovating dozens of houses, including coordinated trades and setting schedules and budgets.

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