Graphic Designer

Ethan Breitkreuz is a fountain of originality, and is called on at Iconium Media to create or assist with projects that need an injection of fresh ideas. He specializes in branding, advertising, publication design, and motion graphics, taking an approach to every project that is infused with pre-planning, collaboration, and strategy. 

Ethan views design as a tool that can have a positive impact on society at large, and wants to be part of that drive. But with a drive toward positivity comes an understanding that one must be equipped with the inquisitive tools and understanding. That’s why the projects that Ethan stamps his name to are products of his influences, the best ideas of his peers, and a vigorous work ethic.

Following three summer student internships, with continued part time employment during the school years, Ethan graduated in 2023, and joined Iconium Media full time. 

Outside of Iconium, Ethan pursues self-improvement and furthering his design education, even after graduating from MacEwan University with a Bachelor of Design.

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