Greg W

Design Lead

With a natural talent for problem-solving and a passion for creating captivating experiences, Greg Waggoner ensures every project exceeds expectations in concept, execution, and creativity.

Greg Waggoner serves as the design lead, ensuring that each of our design, branding, or animation projects not only meets but exceeds the brief in concept, execution, and above all, creativity. A natural problem solver, he relentlessly pursues the most innovative methods to market our clients, and thus far has never met a design challenge he couldn’t lead his team to overcoming.

His approach revolves around the creation of experiences—the type that can be found at the intersection of design, film, and animation. That’s why his interests branch out so far; the tireless development of his expertise helps him conceptualize a beautiful visual experience from the ground up.

Greg completed the Digital Cinema program at Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT)  in 2019.  

Outside of work, Greg pursues the creation and consumption of art in every way it manifests: interior design, photography, music, and much more. His own creations are a tapestry of every influence he’s picked up along the way.

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