Greg R

Executive Director of Production

Greg Ramsden, as Executive Director of Production, brings a refreshing approach to his leadership role. With a deep appreciation for human-centric brand experiences, Greg infuses projects with a touch of creativity that sets them apart. He understands the importance of considering the people behind the brands we work with, ensuring that his team members always keep this perspective in mind.

At Iconium Media, Greg plays a vital role in driving transformative results for our clients. With strategic planning, direction, and coordination of operational activities, he ensures the development and implementation of efficient systems to meet present and future needs. Greg's focus on cost-effectiveness and delivering results leads him to navigate change management during Iconium's growth and expansion, fostering success and achieving impactful outcomes.

Greg's exceptional project management and organizational skills have garnered praise from our clients. His diverse skill set, complemented by a Bachelor of Arts in Music from Rocky Mountain College and certification from the Arrow Leadership Program, adds value to all of Iconium's creative endeavours. Prior to joining Iconium, Greg amassed 17 years of experience, during which he consistently demonstrated his ability to create, produce, and lead teams dedicated to building strong relationships and delivering outstanding results.

Beyond his professional commitments, Greg actively engages with his community through volunteering, mentoring, and collaborating with artists and musicians. His unique blend of creativity and leadership extends beyond the workplace, positively impacting those around him.

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