Film Production Manager
Film Production

Meet Jamie Redmond, the creative force behind seamless film productions at Iconium. With expertise in film's technical aspects, project management, and creative problem-solving, he ensures every project exceeds expectations, delivering the best and most original ideas to the screen.

Jamie Redmond ensures that film productions run smoothly, creative ideas are emphasized, and briefs are met. Through his many years of experience in the film production space, he’s gained insight into the technical aspects of pre- and post-production, as well as a deep understanding of the tools of the trade. On a deeper level, experience has taught him the art of project management and problem solving as they specifically apply to film. 

When working with film, he combines his technical expertise with his own creativity, and makes sure that what appears on the screen, the sum of a true collaboration between his team and our clients, represents the best and most original ideas.

Outside of work, Jamie indulges an interest in contemporary film—always on the lookout for techniques and ideas he can bring into work the next day.

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