Account Coordinator / Content Producer

Kaila Johnson passionately believes in the power of words and is a keen storywriter about truth, culture, relationships, and the brilliance of humanity. With an eye for detail and a commitment to creativity, she writes engaging copy and content that makes connections and initiates a conversation with the reader.

For the last several years, Kaila has helped major projects, charities and businesses grow and develop through strategy. This is something that Kaila naturally flourishes in. Whether it is problem solving, building a network and community, risk assessing, or pulling together big visions to make them a reality, Kaila thrives in and is devoted to helping others step into their dreams and accelerate their missions.

Kaila has more than nine years of experience in content creation, press, and communications, in which she spent most of that time overseas in London, England. She is also a published author, avid coffee lover, and a proud aunty to three handsome nephews.