Content Producer / Photographer
Social Advertising

Kaylin Schenk is an all-around creative producer, touching on content such as social media, blog posts, newsletters, and design—her speciality, however, is photography. She runs a successful freelance photography business with a focus on personal portraiture, and possesses a photo editing ability that can somehow bring out a subject’s essence, beneath the skin.

Kaylin’s approach to photography has a basis in emotion. She understands the subtleties of demeanour that betray our thoughts, and creates environments during her sessions to make her subject feel relaxed, at ease, comfortable, and feeling the most like themselves. The results are beautiful, naturalistic images.

Kaylin graduated from Edmonton's MacEwan University with an Arts and Cultural Management diploma. Before relocating to the Vancouver area, she was heavily involved with the Edmonton art community, often seen photographing some of the many theatrical productions in the city. Her desire to create beauty is evident in many of the projects she engages in.

Outside of work, Kaylin immerses herself in aesthetic environments, making her days out, trips abroad, and living space reflections of her tastes. Taking inspiration from everywhere, she lends her ideas to Iconium’s many marketing avenues.

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