Advertising Manager

Ignite your brand's advertising potential. Liam uses strategic marketing approaches to empower clients to achieve remarkable growth.

Liam McConnell heads up our Advertising department, controlling the production and efficacy of all deliverables related to advertising, including newspaper ads, digital ads, social media, ambient advertising, street furniture, audio advertising, and much more. With an eye on KPIs, he steers our marketing efforts in the direction that best suits our clients and their diverse goals. 

Liam’s approach to advertising is based around content creation: framing our clients and their products and services with interesting, aesthetically pleasing, and easily-consumable material. 

Content often originates at the level of the written word, which is when Liam takes full advantage of his education: he studied English at the Universities of Toronto and York, and earned Honours Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts degrees.

If this value-added content is integrated into a well-rounded campaign—complete with a full understanding of the client, consumer research, and use of the most advantageous marketing avenues—the results are growth in our clients’ bottom lines.

Outside of work, Liam enjoys writing, reading, and studying film with a constant eye on the style, intention, and meaning of the messages he consumes.

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