Web Developer

Nathen Comer, our Web Developer, works towards creating efficient and visually appealing websites that leave a lasting impression. With expertise in HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, and jQuery, he prioritizes user accessibility and aesthetics. Nathen's proficiency extends to version control systems like Git and Github, as well as back-end skills in Python, Node.js, Express.js, and React.js. His commitment to efficiency and effectiveness drives him to deliver exceptional web experiences that reflect our clients' visions.

Nathen’s approach to web development centres around creating a pleasant experience for the user. The code and web elements he utilizes prioritize accessibility and ease of use, as well as aesthetics. His education and training at Vanguard College, focused on InterCultural studies. He’s continued on expanding his knowledge base through extensive training in programming.

In his personal life, Nathen seeks out efficiency in all aspects of life. He takes an overhead look at his task at hand, asking himself “What can I change to improve my effectiveness?” He brings that ethic into work, and the websites he builds only grow in their effectiveness.

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