Art Director

An all-around designer, Phil de Castro specializes in UI/UX design. With an understanding of websites as a digital storefront, Phil knows how to invite a web user in, make them comfortable, and lead them toward conversion.

Phil approaches UI/UX through the lens of a multidisciplinary designer. He views new projects as riddles to be solved, incorporating his skill in photography, branding, and layout design in quest of a solution. To Phil, the brand informs the design, the design informs the user experience. The end results are simply eye-catching websites.

Phil has several years of design and photography experience.  He studied at MacEwan University and completed an online UX program at Springboard.

Outside of work, Phil indulges a wide variety of hobbies. If he learns a new skill in one hobby, he finds a way to apply it to the others, and strengthens his entire repertoire of abilities. He brings this method of learning to Iconium, and makes himself an asset to our Design, Advertising, and Film departments, as well as Web.

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