Film Production

Reuben Sarrafo is passionate about understanding and depicting a client’s vision. From pre-production to editing, Reuben infuses originality and relentless drive into each production. 

Reuben Sarrafo appears at all stages of the filmmaking process—pre-production work including writing and shoot planning, lighting, directing, colour correction, and film and sound editing—and infuses a relentless drive toward originality into each production. 

His approach to filmmaking is a collaborative one. He ensures that every client is part of the filmmaking process: the best way to guarantee their vision is represented and their expectations are exceeded. He considers the lighter side of life, making sure to incorporate a playful element into every shoot, if not the productions themselves. 

Reuben’s education began at Vanguard College to complete a youth certification, and he’s taken many courses to develop his filmmaking skills. 

Outside of work, Reuben spends time pursuing his own creativity through writing and comedy filmmaking. When consuming media, he asks himself not just whether it was effective, but how and why. His immersion in the artistic realm keeps his skills sharp, and the evidence shows on screen.

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