March 11, 2020

3 ways to create content that gets you known

Do you ever wonder why it feels like no one is listening? It’s probably because they are not. From the moment your alarm rings each morning, you are inundated with messaging. Most of your messaging is saturated with advertising.  You have the opportunity to pick and choose what you want to see and hear in an effort to stay sane.  You will notice that your feeds develop themes as you shape who and what you are listening to.

Just imagine, if it is that overwhelming for you to process the information that comes your way, how are you going to be heard? How can your message stand out?

The answer lies in content. The right content. Gone are the days when content is only articles. Content comes in the form of photos, videos, ads, posts, social media as well as traditional articles.

Know your audience

It’s never been as important as it is now to know your audience. Who are you wanting to connect with? Today’s media platforms enable you to set up ads and campaigns that are clearly targeted for your audience. If you want everyone, everywhere to see everything you do, you will not get results. You need to know where people are, what their interests are and what will stand out to them. Take the time, spend the money to do proper target market analysis. It makes all the difference.

Focus on your desired outcome

If you were to state one thing that you are wanting people to do, are you able to do so? Focus will give you results. You may want to sell many things, but is it better if you target having people contact you? Customer service will always stand out. People are not looking for you to sell them something. They are looking for solutions and how your messages relates to them. How can you be the solution, and what makes your content relatable? What has worked best in the past? Use that method to fulfill your mission.

Use beautiful relevant visuals

Our society is more visually oriented than it has ever been. Powerful videos and imagery is everywhere. You may not have the tools and resources to create these images, but they are not out of your reach.  To set up a scene and create lifestyle photography and film, can be done without spending a lot. These images of real people demonstrating the values of your business and product will build your brand and communicate in a powerful way.

It’s an exciting time for companies. You now can target market the things people love and market directly to the people who are interested in what you have to offer.

Author: Karen Schenk

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