March 19, 2020

Communication in crisis

How to communicate in crisis

The world is in disarray. What will happen from one moment to the next is entirely unpredictable. As we begin each work day, we need to recalibrate our workloads and even our perspectives.

During this time, you may find yourself adjusting to working from home. Or maybe you are one of the few still going to work in a sanitized and socially-distanced environment. Either way, how we communicate with one another has taken on a whole new measure. 

Right now, our team at Iconium is working through the logistics of helping keep our clients in constant communication. Appropriate to our age of both technological innovation and social distancing, many of our ideas involve new technologies that allow us to keep connected at a distance. Just this past Tuesday, we filmed an in-studio video session which was live streamed to Facebook and will be edited into a quality video.

Doing business in the context of crisis 

A colleague called me yesterday and asked me to help come up with the right ideas to help him create an online community. He normally travels and meets with groups of people in places all over the world. But yesterday, when he found himself at home with little to do, he realized silence would hurt his business. He determined he would have two live discussion sessions per day where people could engage with one another in a live but digital discussion. He invited a guest speaker and, with a little coaching, we were able to help him get started. We are here to help you, just like we helped him. 

This is not the time to be silent, but neither can we carry on with business as usual. These are not usual times. They are challenging and unprecedented. People need to know you care, but they are also wanting some degree of normalcy in the context of this global crisis. 

We want to help

Our goal is to help you create your story, deliver your message, and to equip you with every resource we have at our disposal. The following is some of what we can offer.

Live and recorded video sessions 

It’s important to keep connected with your audience, even in such a time and social distancing. To that end, we are able to help record you communicating with your team and bring them together, even if you are on the other side of the planet. We can also create video content for you to inform and engage your audience or help you live stream events, church services, talks, business meetings, or whatever else your needs dictate. 

Take a look at the video we did for Aster Gardens.   

Newsletters & social media communication 

We are able to create newsletters and social media content, complete with relevant imagery. 

Through such communication, your business will be the one that people remember cared for them during these trying times.

Praying for you and your business 

Please let us know how we can pray for you. We care about you, your families, and your businesses, and we want to work alongside you. 

How to work from home

This is particularly challenging for teams who have not worked separately before. Through our commitment to communication and project management, we can ensure your team is working in alignment and connecting relationally.

I read a great article today that explains the process beautifully. Working from home is difficult and requires intentionality, but there are fabulous tools available to you. 

Some of the tools we are using are:

Book a meeting or call

Please let us know if we can help you! We care and want to go through this together with you! If you would like to call us to talk about ideas, or learn about ways we can provide services, email me at or call me directly at 780-977-0714. If it is a matter of pointing you in the right direction, there would be no cost involved. If it requires production services, we are ready to help you with as reasonable a cost as we are able.

Iconium Media is in a unique position to bring hope and encouragement to our community, and we stand ready to help you do the same. We are all in this together.

All the best,

Karen Schenk
Owner & CEO 
Iconium Media

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