September 12, 2020

5 years of Iconium Media

Innovation, creation, and relationships have been integral to the growth and development of Iconium Media. Artists have come together to showcase the passion and vision of our clients, all the while shaping their stories for audiences to engage in a deeper and more powerful way.

On July 30, 2015, Karen Schenk was presented with an opportunity to work on a project that required a team and a business. In a most remarkable manner, the company was named, registered with the government, and set up at the bank within a day. 

As we celebrate five years, we are deeply grateful for the people who supported us and enabled Iconium Media to grow into what we have become.  

Thank you to all who have shaped us and enabled us to do work that matters, while creating beautiful content and telling powerful stories.  

Our clients

You have trusted us to capture and tell your story. We are so thankful for the relationships we have built with you. Thank you for believing in us. You mean so much to us; without you, we simply would not be. We love that you let us be creative and innovate in ways that you may not have anticipated. Thank you for the work you do that makes a difference. We love getting behind work that matters, and that comes from you. Let’s continue to create together! 

Our team 

You are artists, creators, and innovators. Your passion to create helps our clients stand out. We are proud of the work you do. We have an incredible team today. Others have had shorter seasons with us, and we thank them for their part in building Iconium into what it is today. Thank you for your patience as we have built a business and created processes and structures around growing needs. Thank you even for painting, assembling furniture, and creating the space in which our creativity flourishes.

A special shoutout to our 5 year staff: Karen Schenk and Denver Capcara have been here right from Day One; and Zachary Walters reaches his five-year milestone in December. 

Our families

Behind each one of us are our families. You have cheered us on, been patient when deadlines have necessitated long hours, or in some cases, were asked to play the role of actor or turn our homes into film sets. You’ve watched us grow, you’ve helped us happen, and walked with us every step of the way. Zachary’s grandmother Marion Lee, for example, has left a like or comment on every social media post we’ve ever put out! Some of you painted, built walls, and laid flooring. We care and we thank you! 

Our community 

Strathcona County: thank you for being home to Iconium Media. You’ve been incredible in helping us grow. You’ve trusted us as clients to work on your projects, given us tremendous opportunities, and provided us with much-needed info to build a growing business. 

We are Iconium Media, a creative marketing agency and film production company. We look forward to telling your stories and to the next season of growth. 

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