March 11, 2020

Is content still king?

Denver captures content from a recent shoot with Central Alberta youth unlimited at Timber Coffee Co in Sylvan Lake.

The importance of content

We consume a vast amount of content. According to a recent Neilsen report, “on average, American adults spend over 11 hours per day listening to, watching, reading or generally interacting with media.”

Platforms that utilize video content represent a substantial portion of time spent with media. Overall video use—time spent with a TV set, computer video and using video focused app/web on smartphones and tablets—netted out to nearly six hours per day for U.S. adults during first-quarter 2018.

In addition to video, social networks are now beginning to affect the content landscape. While social media has already reshaped the way people connect with each other, it’s effectively become a factor for major platforms in creating and monetizing premium content.

What does this mean for you?

These are facts we cannot ignore. The sheer volume of content needed to fill an 11 time span each day is staggering. People are determining what they watch by the subscriptions they sign up for, and the social media platforms they follow.  They are wanting to learn and to consume content in an engaging way.

  1. Offer relevant and valued content
  2. The content you create needs to be incredibly interesting, solve a problem or meet a need. There is so much information available, that unless your content promises to be worth the time spent engaging with it, it will be ignored. It’s important to know who you are creating the content for and understand how they will benefit from it.
  1. Ensure your content is visually engaging
  2. Gone are the days when someone will spend time reading a long article or watching a lengthy video to find the answer at the end. It’s important to create a breadcrumb approach. A title, tagline, a heading image will get the attention which will draw your audience in. Continue to offer value benefits for the first 20, 30, and 60 seconds. You need to keep their attention. Beautiful, relevant and interesting visuals will be of great value. There is so much available that it is important for you to keep the attention.
  1. Distribute effectively to your audience
  2. Once you have created the content, the next step is to get it in front of your audience. You may need to create a variety of media types to communicate your message. If you take the core message, create a print version, video version, possibly online training; you will have more methods of getting not only the message, but the unique delivery method to carry your message to your intended audience.  Your goal needs to be clear - what is it that you want them to learn and do after they have seen your communication?  You may need to create a paid ad and use that to direct traffic to the source of your content.

Your audience is spending time reading and watching what is important to them.  Spend the right amount of time and money to create a powerful, engaging message that enables you to connect with, and bring about the results you are looking for.

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by Karen Schenk

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