March 11, 2020

Take steps to be noticed

Munich Germany

“If you can dream it, you can do it.” Walt Disney

Use a voice that gets heard

Media has inundated our world. Every person has become a broadcaster. People stand on the soapbox of social media and proclaim their values and beliefs. 

However, few, if any, are making an impact. They may succeed in annoying people and being unfriended, but few actually further the cause that they have set out to impact. This is a problem. It’s a world of broadcasters that is not making a difference and definitely not resulting in transformation. 

Iconium wants to solve this problem. We have developed a unique strategy to create media that elicits a response and results in transformation. We have a vision to create and facilitate responsive media that results in transformation. 

Create media that engages

Every day, your team is creating content. People are writing, posting, taking photos and video that contributes to how people see and engage with you and how your brand is becoming known.  

Ask the most important question

A simple question to ask yourself when creating content is "what single thing do I want the recipients to do when they engage with this piece of content?" More than likely, you will have many things you may want many people to do, however, when you narrow your focus to one thing, you will create content in a much more succinct and compelling way.  

Collaborate with your team

When you realize the impact of people on your team all communicating in a variety of ways, it will help you realize that you need a common message and a common voice. Take the time to align your team. Help them own who you are and what you do.  It will show itself in how they communicate. Each one of them is a broadcaster for you.  

Bring focus to your communication

As both you and your team realize what your single message is and what you are needing to accomplish, you will begin to sound aligned. The message will be clear and simple. Every piece that is created will be created for a similar purpose and designed to produce the same result. You may need to create helpful tools to help you do this. Promotional material, slogans, videos, are only a few of the resources that can help you and your team bring focus to your message. Do what you do best.... and then do more of it! 

Use a customized approach

Iconium Strategies is different than our competitors. We have a lean model where we pass on the savings to our customers, use our profits for philanthropy, so for a fair price, we offer custom tailored, boutique media services that elicit a response and result in transformation. 

1.  Partner - understand and feel the inspiration behind your vision 

2. Strategize - brainstorm and offer solutions that bring results 

3. Tailor - create custom innovative media solutions 

4. Maximize - over deliver!

Don't do it alone

Iconium desires to help our clients be more successful by becoming their partner. Your mission inspires the work we do. Iconium's unique relational approach to strategy, design and media helps our clients fulfill their dream. 

We help them use media to accelerate their goals and their vision. 

Have you been stilling the desire to fulfill your dream?  You have a dream and you have a voice waiting to be heard. 

Photo and article by Karen Schenk

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