March 11, 2020

Market a lifestyle

Let's pretend that you have a store. It's filled with only one thing. The thing you love most. I know that feels impossible, but that is ok. I'm sure if you think for a little while you could think of that one thing.

Now, the harder part. Only one person will come into that store to buy that one thing. Close your eyes and imagine who that is. Begin to describe that person. It will come to you as you begin to think of that one thing you want that one person to buy. You never wanted to admit it, but there is a particular book for little girls that you just love. It's featured in your store.

Your client is Jenn, she is the mother of a little girl, Sophia.  Jenn is the one who will buy the book and read it to her little girl.  She's a working mom who is 29. She values time with her daughter, and wants to create memories with the books she buys for her little girl.

You may think you sell books for children, but really, you are marketing a lifestyle!  If you keep thinking about Jenn and Sophia, you will begin to think about Jenn's world.  Who are her friends? What experience can you create in your store or even in your social media pictures that would make her share it with her friends.  Do they have little boys that would love to experience valuable time with their mother's friends and their little children?

I would like to share with you just few tips on how you can get that one person's attention to purchase that one thing you market.

1. Think about that person in everything you create and offer.

What would be of interest to them on Facebook, in Instagram, on Twitter? If they were on Snapchat, would your coupon be interesting enough that they would want to share it on their story?

2. Create urgency.

You only have two books left and one more day at the discounted rate. If they share it with 3 people, they qualify for a give-away. Let your audience know that today is the best day for them to make their purchase.

3. Mimic their lifestyle in your imagery.

If they love to have coffee, post pictures of your books in a coffee shop.  Tell interesting stories that relate to the lifestyle that is of interest. She's ambitious, hardworking, she loves to spend time with her loved ones. Appeal to her interests.  She will like your pictures, share your photos and tell her friends.

4. Where does she live?

You may live far away from the people you want to market to or maybe your product is only available online. You can still market the lifestyle of your product in other cities, provinces, states and countries.  Use hashtags wisely. You can feel close if you get the lifestyle right.

5. Follow others.

You will never learn everything that you need to know. Things change too fast.  Read, research, and pay attention to what others are doing.  Feature those you like in your feeds. It shows that you are bold, courageous and confident.  They will follow you back.  Perhaps you could peer market with them. Go to together on a give-away.

6. Make great use of give-aways.

Everyone loves to tell others about free stuff! That is the best way for you to get your audience to promote you.  It won't cost you very much and it will get people talking.

7. Repeat what works.  

Review everything you have ever done that worked REALLY well. Now, repeat it and think about how you could replicate it in other ways. Never give up what works. Think of more ways for it to work.

This marketing concept is about connecting people with what they love. Market and promote a lifestyle and then make sure you are super clear and where and how people can get the product you offer.  They really do want to know and they want to tell others. Make it simple for them.

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