Why high end?

October 16, 2018

“When you can do a common thing in an uncommon way; you will command the attention of the world.

— George Washington Carver

We are a team of creators. We draw, write, photograph and film. We combine art with a little science. At Iconium Media, our team strives to make beauty that captures attention and elicits a response.

We help you get noticed

Today’s world is noisy and your attention is being sought everywhere. It takes a lot to stand out. Nearly everything you do in life requires media.  

We strive to stay ahead of the curve by embracing the ambitious approach of today’s Millennials. These young artisans understand the language of today’s new media in a way that penetrates through layers of communication.

Where magic happens

Media is created through a collaborative effort that combines years of experience in responsive media; the expertise of the client; and the unfettered approach of today’s creative Millennials. The blend of these strengths is where magic begins to happen.

Ultimately creativity trumps gear - every time! However, the right tools stimulates passion that compels team members to learn and try new things. They collaborate together while using powerful tools that lead towards quality imagery. Our creative team is challenged to think big, take risks and create great results.

Why high end?

Ultimately, tools are simply the items artists use to create. In and of themselves, they do not make anything look awesome, it’s the artist who does.

We research our tools as carefully as we hire our talent. We see how high end tools stimulate creativity and enhance cinematic filmmaking when they are in the right hands.

We want to create the best with the best. This is a daily opportunity. Everything changes…so we change with it.

Our gear

We work hard to stay on top of current trends, and work with some of the most sophisticated filmmaking technology available today. We shoot with high-end cinema cameras such as two RED EPIC-W 8K cameras which allows us to shoot in ultra-high definition and deliver films in up to 5K -- over six times the resolution of standard 1080p HD video. Along with incredibly high resolutions which allow us to capture both film and still images at the same time, our cameras offer  advanced colour science with incredible dynamic range that allows us to capture a wide range of challenging filming scenarios.

We also offer a variety of unique tools that allow us to fulfill the creative vision for your project while maximizing the production value of your film. Some of these tools, amongst many others, include: the DJI Ronin stabilizer, multiple high-end Canon lenses, lighting package, teleprompter, 4K drone, slider, camera crane, and much more.

Tell us how the right tools for your trade make a difference for you?

Author: Karen Schenk