Client Spotlight: MomBod

October 21, 2021

In today’s cluttered digital space, we are continually seeking ways to simplify communication. This is particularly evident for young mom’s where so many businesses are clamoring for their attention. Morgan, owner of Mom Bod Pregnancy Health, wants to help by streamlining relevant health information for young mothers.

Morgan created MomBod, an app, designed to assist pregnant women. MomBod offers helpful tips on physical and mental health, and creates a community of support and accountability. They offer weekly baby growth tracking and insightful articles on topics ranging from maternity clothing to nutrition, and we were happy to take on the challenge of helping create and distribute that content.

This past summer, Iconium began working with MomBod Pregnancy Health. We created a promotional video, built their website and helped MomBod grow their social media presence to keep their audience informed, and accelerate their mission.

Iconium Media film team on set for MomBod film shoot.

Full service marketing solutions

Iconium came alongside Morgan to serve as her marketing, design and communications team where we operate in the MomBod brand and mindset. We created a fully integrated approach in these following areas:

Social Media & Web

  • Created an informative and connecting website as a home base for MomBod followers.
  • Launched social media, including Pinterest, TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram.
  • Delivered social media coaching on engagement and growth.
  • Their first TikTok, filmed in the Iconium studio, has over 900K views and featured Over My Styled Body’s clothing. Watch it here.
MomBod's TikTok has reached over 900K views.


  • Worked with app developers to create and launch the MomBod Pregnancy App. Download today on Google Play or the App Store.
  • Delivered postcard designs, videos, and stills for ‘How big is my baby?’
MomBod Pregnancy App

Content & Marketing

  • Created and launched their monthly newsletter, full of exclusive updates, community engagement, helpful pregnancy tips, and fun insights. You can sign up for the newsletter here.
MomBod newsletter

Film & Photography

  • Conducted a photoshoot and filming session to promote the MomBod Pregnancy App and create a portfolio of content. View the video here.

Iconium Media is honoured to be working with MomBod!