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Sherwood Park Alliance Church

PRAXiS is an activity driven film series produced by Iconium Media and written by Sherwood Park Alliance Church. It provides today’s youth with tools to help answer some of the questions that surface. Praxis is designed as a tool to help mentors and youth leaders start conversations that facilitate individual growth in a group environment.

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Can I ask that?

Series one, episode one of PRAXIS starts off by asking the tough questions all youth are too afraid to ask. Watch the entire series at

Discussion Questions

What are you afraid of?

Fear cripples us. Whether we can identify it’s influence over us or not, it is there; because we are all afraid of something. So, what are you afraid of?

Discussion Questions

Gospel identity

There is a tension that longs for love and rescue. Learn more about what it means for God to love us in our brokenness.

Discussion Questions

Who is Jesus?

In series 6 the PRAXiS team embarks on an adventure to discover the person of Jesus.

Discussion Questions

Paradox of Paul

The Pauline epistles make up a large portion of our New Testament, but who is the author behind these letters? What is his story? This series brought a new style of animation to teaching.

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The Bible

The Bible tells one profound story. All the writings point in the same direction. In series 9 we integrated animation into teaching as PRAXiS dives deep into the word of God.

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