PEP Society

Support for families experiencing the effects of addiction.

Who they are.

PEP Society (Parents Empowering Parents) is a non-profit organization that provides education, innovative programming, support, and hope for individuals or families whose loved ones are struggling with addictions. They focus on empowering families and caregivers to step into health and recovery. PEP Society is governed by a Board of Directors, and an Executive Director oversees programming, awareness, and growth.

Why they approached us.

One of their board members recommended us, and we completed a competing proposal for their RFP, and were awarded the project. They wanted to increase awareness and expand the growth of recovery groups to individuals and families across Alberta. They were also looking for a modern and fresh website to streamline their services and reframe their messaging.

How we helped.

Our work with PEP began with a new brand identity, including a redesigned logo and updated colour palette, from which our other work was to spring. From there, we created a website, commercial videos, standalone design pieces, and an integrated advertising campaign that incorporated digital advertising, print advertising, social media, and influencer and audio marketing. The new website included an event section, featured new photos and website content, and a new UX design to improve the online experience.

Drawing from the insight that one of the major barriers to seeking help was a sense of shame and lack of awareness, we emphasized PEP Society’s value of tackling the challenges of addiction in community and urged those struggling not to try to go it alone. There were two campaigns, where one featured a repeated motif of red string set in front of a grey background to symbolize the feeling of being “tied up” by addiction. The second campaign was called the Red Pen Campaign, designed to empower the loved ones of those struggling with addiction to rewrite the narrative of addiction in their families.

Strathcona County videos:

Film & photo

We provide comprehensive film and photography services to PEP Society on an ongoing basis. Through stunning imagery and compelling storytelling, we showcase their unique approach to family recovery and demonstrate their effect. Our visuals build atop their brand image, attracting prospective meeting attendees to envision a fulfilling life within PEP Society's welcoming community. Thus far, we’ve filmed testimonials, stories, and promotional videos to expand awareness. 


We crafted a wide array of designs for PEP Society, including two eye-catching campaigns, print media, and various digital assets. These projects encompass an assortment of visual elements, such as lifestyle photography, that enhance the overall appeal and storytelling aspect of the designs. Our designs capture attention, evoke emotional responses, and establish a profound connection with the target audience, reinforcing the exceptional support and resources offered by PEP Society.


Our web development initiative for PEP Society focused on creating a website that highlights programs and events to support families in their recovery journey while prominently showcasing their new branding and campaign imagery. The website showcases various resources and information for families across Alberta, offering an extensive collection of content.

PEP Society saw notable increases in social media engagement, website visitors, and meeting attendance as a result of our integrated advertising campaigns.  

“PEP Society is new to the opportunity (resources) to hire an organization who is like a "one stop" shop for campaigns, website design and film. Iconium Media held our hand while they navigated, created and collaborated on our needs and more than that, on our desires; helping us grow PEP's ability to support and educate families who have a loved one struggling with addiction. I would highly recommend Iconium Media for your "one stop" shop for quality, results, and care for your vision.” -Lerena Greig, PEP Society

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