Athletic Estate

Making athletes the institution.

Who they are.

Athletic Estate, founded in 2022 by Jonathan Hoeflinger, a former collegiate American football player, is a company that aims to connect athletes with fans through their shared jersey numbers and the history associated with them. The company explores the concept of what if a jersey number could speak and teach valuable lessons from previous athletes who wore the same number. Inspired by these questions, Athletic Estate seeks to create a platform that allows athletes to connect with and benefit from the shared likeness and legacy associated with their jersey numbers.

Why they approached us.

Iconium Media has an established and fruitful partnership with Sharemeister, a software platform, collaborating on various design, animation, and video projects. When Jonathan launched Athletic Estates, he contacted Iconium Media to create compelling video assets. These assets highlight the unique features and benefits of Athletic Estates, including the opportunity for athletes to earn revenue from purchases. The platform also allows athletes to track their earnings in real-time, connect with a legacy of athletes who share their jersey number, share stories with fans and fellow athletes, access resources for sports and life, and provide a wide range of products and services for their family, friends, and fans to support them.

How we helped.

After being approached by Athletic Estates, Iconium Media took on the task of creating a compelling vision and feature videos that effectively communicate the essence and offerings of the platform. These videos served to introduce and showcase the unique features of Athletic Estates to potential users. Additionally, Iconium Media provided some design work to enhance the visual appeal and branding of Athletic Estates, ensuring a cohesive and professional look across various marketing materials. These efforts by Iconium Media helped bring the vision of Athletic Estates to life, capturing the attention of athletes and conveying the platform's value proposition effectively.

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