ACTS Seminaries

Where education and culture come together.

Who they are.

An educational meeting place where faculty and students come together in the conviction that more can be learned through cooperation than in isolation. With multiple denominations and cultures under one roof, you get a front-row seat as followers of Jesus from different traditions to think together about what it means to follow Christ. This creates a learning environment that welcomes and engages multiple perspectives, helping you become more fully aware and engaged in your own church. As a result, you are better able to serve wherever God has called you.

Why they approached us.

ACTS Seminaries was recommended to contact Iconium Media to put in a proposal for their website build and were awarded the project. They were in need of a website that served as an admissions resource, as well as powerful imagery and videos to use for marketing and sales for both digital and print use. They wanted a clean, modern website that featured items clearly and showcased their new campus additions

How we helped.

Iconium Media engaged in a strategic discovery, determining where key result areas were needed. This was followed by a rebranding enhancement, website build and asset creation. For the branding, we redesigned their logo, used new colours and fonts to create a more modern and relevant representation of who they are. We completed a full scale photo and video shoot, which resulted in marketing assets in the form of promotional videos. We built their website, and then a couple of years later completed another significant upgrade to the site. The website has very intricate design and new features to promote user experience. The client was heavily involved with the new web design and production and we enjoyed producing the project together.

“In the first quarter, our website generated 300% more inquiries than the same quarter last year. That’s three times as many”

Ryan Klassen ACTS Executive Director


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