Global Centre for Giftedness

Discovery tools for your unique giftedness.

Who they are.

The Global Centre for Giftedness (GCG) helps people discover their natural born giftedness. They have a training program, and provide coaching services. They are based in Dallas, Texas.

Why they approached us.

A key relationship resulted in this contact. They came to Iconium Media, in partnership with RightNow Media, where we joint ventured on a project to create a large film series.

How we helped.

Iconium Media worked with GCG to create an individualized and group learning film series which included powerful storytelling and teaching into 43 videos that are designed to, and have resulted in thousands of people around the globe being trained in the area of their giftedness. This film series included dramatization segments throughout learning tracks for business, individual, churches, as well as a coaching track.

Film & photo

Our website for GCFG lays out their complex offering in an easy-to-navigate fashion, including infrastructure for Giftedness Guides to log in to their personal accounts.


Our design work for GCFG includes icons that represent the five main questions students of the Centre ask themselves when discovering their own giftedness. Using globally recognizable symbols to communicate without written language, each icon appears in one of the five brand colours which comprise the logo.

Strathcona County videos:

More work

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