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Optima Living

Empowering seniors to embrace their best lives.

Who they are.

Optima Living is a seniors' residence enterprise that is Canadian-owned and operated in Western Canada. They strive to deliver high service standards and adapt to resident needs. Optima Living offers a range of senior living options through its portfolio of 33 assets (3,400+ beds), including Independent Living, Assisted Living, Supportive Living, Long-Term Care, and Memory Care. Optima Living has over 2,000 employees in Alberta and British Columbia, caring for over 4,000 residents. Their dedication to building partnerships and integrating communities remains guided by their North Star, Let us welcome you home.

Why they approached us.

In 2018, Iconium Media responded to an RFP for services. This was followed by an in-person meeting with the Optima Living Principals, which resulted in Iconium being awarded an initial phase of the project. The need for next steps for this flourishing and growing business continued to increase, and a remarkable, thriving partnership developed with Optima Living, which Iconium Media is honoured to be part of!

How we helped.

In partnership with Optima Living, Iconium Media provides full service advertising and media to help seniors discover their home at an Optima Living residence. The Western Canadian landscape has expanded to include a growing number of Optima Living residences, and Iconium has been honoured to grow with Optima Living along this
journey providing advertising, website, film, and design services.

Capturing the Optima Living lifestyle

Iconium provides comprehensive film and photography services to Optima Living, showcasing their unique approach to senior living. We provide professional photography services to capture stunning images that communicate the essence and vibrant lifestyle they offer, while highlighting the beauty of their residences, amenities, and resident experiences. Our film team produces high-quality videos that tell captivating stories. These visual assets contribute to the marketing efforts, enhancing their brand image and attracting prospective residents who can envision themselves enjoying a fulfilling life within Optima Living's welcoming environments.

Strathcona County videos:


Iconium Media create various advertising campaigns for Optima Living. With the Live Your Best Winter campaign, we aimed to reshape perceptions of winters for seniors and encourage them to move into Optima Living communities before the cold Canadian season arrived, offering a wealth of activities, fun, and friendship. By strategically integrating the campaign across multiple platforms, including social media, web, ads, newsletters, and local newspapers, we drove potential leads through a clear conversion process, optimizing the sales journey.

Print design

Iconium creates diverse design projects for Optima Living, incorporating captivating lifestyle photography to enhance the visual appeal and storytelling aspect, ranging from brochures and newspaper ads to banners, billboards, signs, and street furniture. We strategically showcase authentic moments of residents enjoying their lives to the fullest so that our designs not only attract attention but also evoke emotions and create a strong connection with the target audience, reinforcing the exceptional lifestyle provided by Optima Living.


Our enterprise web strategy for Optima involves building and managing a web platform consisting of multiple micro-sites. Since 2019, we have successfully developed 34 websites for Optima, showcasing retirement living residences across Alberta and BC. These websites boast an extensive range of content, including hundreds of pages, along with interactive multimedia features like galleries, videos, virtual tours, and live events, providing a comprehensive and engaging experience for visitors.

Optima Living TV

As part of Optima Living’s unprecedented approach to seniors’ wellness and active living, Iconium Media produces Optima Living TV - an innovative series of regularly released episodes packed with valuable information for seniors and their loved ones, hosted on the Optima Living YouTube channel. Each episode features specialists sharing insights about their professions and their contributions to enhancing seniors' well-being. These videos are part of Iconium's extensive video library, capturing all aspects of life at Optima.

Growth & expansion

Iconium Media works alongside the growth and expansion by incorporating brands created by a partnering agency, building captivating websites, and a strong digital presence. Through collaboration, we develop unique brand identities and an engaging presence that resonates with Optima Living's target audience. By implementing effective SEO strategies, we optimize online visibility, driving organic traffic and fostering conversion. Our comprehensive approach is designed to maximize Optima Living's reach, fueling their growth.

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