Helpers for Learners

Making education available for the marginalized.

Who they are.

A program of International Messengers Canada Society (IMCS) for the oversight and funding of PEP (helping needy children in Nepal).Prerana Education Partnership (PEP) is an outreach ministry of Sundar Dhoka Saathi Sewa (SDSS) Kathmandu, Nepal. PEP exists to provide a path out of poverty for children of the urban poor and especially for those impacted by societal barriers imposed on people with disabilities.

Why they approached us.

A key relationship resulted in this contact. They came to Iconium Media seeking an explainer and promotional video to communicate about the work they were doing overseas. Covid shut down hindered the ability to obtain new footage, and a creative alternative plan was made.

How we helped.

Amidst COVID shut down, Iconium Media unleashed their creativity, conceiving a captivating concept and crafting a compelling script that worked amidst protocol. Through animation and masterful video production, we brought the story to life, delivering a powerful short video that leaves a lasting impact.

Film & photo

Strathcona County videos:

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