Hiring: Filmmaker

Iconium Media is looking for a new filmmaker to join our team. To apply please email your resume along with a demo reel or sample of work to info@iconium.io .


(Starting) Part Time. Hourly.

Company Overview

Iconium Media is composed of highly skilled, driven leaders who are exceptionally creative and innovative. We offer an agency-styled service as the team collaborates and executes their area of specialty.

Role Overview

Filmmaking - Storytelling -  Innovation

Role and responsibilities

Our filmmakers are first and foremost storytellers. This position touches every aspect of filmmaking. From pre production to post production. 

This role will aid in the process of creating original concepts, writing scripts and overseeing pre production. In production filmmakers may take on the role of director, director of photography or production assistant. In post production, our filmmakers work with Final Cut Pro and other editing softwares to produce a polished finished product. 

This position will take initiative to fulfill and execute the mission and values in a positive and uplifting manner. Our mission: to create media that results in transformed lives. 


  • Manage all deliverables within the scope and vision of each project.
  • Create concepts, scripts and production plans. 
  • Work in production with the media team to create responsive media.
  • Participate in the post production process including editing and creating design elements such as thumbnails. 
  • Ensure that projects are delivered on time and on budget. 
  • Communicate with the production team, Account Manager and Account Coordinator. 
  • Engage in R & D (Research and Development), both in your personal time, and at work to continue to raise the bar in the area of creativity and innovation.

Required Skills and Abilities

Film Set Etiquette: 
Understand the common set practices and etiquette of the film industry.

Technical Knowledge: In production - an understanding and ability to manually operate cameras and other film equipment such as lights and audio equipment with intentionality. In post production - an understanding of storytelling through editing. 

Creative Filmmaking & Storytelling Skills: Ability to tell stories through film and media. 

Quality Assurance: Ability to deliver projects that have been reviewed and quality meets the Iconium Media standard. 

Self-Learning Skills: Will invest time to research and explore new and enhanced methods of executing process and work. Able to work both independently and with a team. Contemporary technical skills and troubleshooting abilities.

Education and Experience

• Advanced knowledge of storytelling and video production

• A degree or diploma (graduated or currently enrolled) in Communications, Film or Media 

• Experience working on film sets and film projects

• Knowledge of production workflow

To apply please email your resume along with a demo reel or sample of work to info@iconium.io .